Gargan Music Festival 2020


The world’s top artists will amass in Kanazawa during Golden Week!
The city of Kanazawa will be brimming with classical music for a week. A music festival featuring traditional performing arts, collaborations and large participation-style concerts!

Five pillars of the music festival

  1. . Premium Classical

    Top-class musicians from around the world will gather and perform with all their might!
  2. . A New Age of Traditional Japanese Music

    Discover new charm in Japan’s traditional performing arts
  3. . Classical à la carte

    Enjoy a light hearted classical concert with many others
  4. . Rising Stars from Hokuriku / Ishikawa

    Young musicians from Hokuriku / Ishikawa will perform!
  5. . Come! See! Join in! Enjoy Classical Music

    Enjoy a participation-style program, together with local musicians and children
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